Committee Meetings

The Committee Meetings are an opportunity for Doble’s utility, industrial and testing company clients to discuss their maintenance and apparatus issues freely without the presence of manufacturers or insurers. Delegates also select the topics that will be presented at the following year’s annual International Conference of Doble Clients held in Boston, MA, USA.

Attend one or attend all nine committee meetings to share your experiences and learn from your colleagues’ experiences.

Committees include:

  • Arresters, Capacitors, Cables and Accessories (ACCA)
  • Asset and Maintenance Management (AMM)
  • Bushings, Insulators and Instrument Transformers (BIIT)
  • Circuit Breakers (CB)
  • Insulating Materials (IM)
  • Oil (membership required)
  • Protection, Automation, Controls and Communications (PACC)
  • Rotating Machinery (RM)
  • Transformers (TX)

Users Groups, Workshops & Breakouts

Learn from the experts, bring up concerns and have conversations with fellow users.

Training Track

  • DTAWeb as an Effective Asset Management Aid
  • DTAWeb Bushing Statistical Tool
  • Test Data Analysis
  • Why PowerBase?
  • Protection Suite

Social Event: BC Sports Hall of Fame Museum

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Cost: $45.00