Your Seminar, Your Choice

We offer a choice of three programs to best fit your transformer training needs. Choose the right one for you to maximize your learning.

Transformer Professional Program
Monday, February 10 – Thursday, February 13, 2020
Geared towards transformer engineers and new electrical power engineers, this option will give you a full spectrum of transformer training from design to components to testing and end of life. Choose between the core or advanced classes that best fit your level to give you the ultimate flexibility.
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Transformer & Generator Relay Protection Program
Monday, February 10 – Thursday, February 13, 2020
Perfect for transformer protection engineers and testing personnel. Protecting transformers, which are one of the most critical and expensive assets, is a challenging task. This program will ensure you are ready to protect this precious asset by delving deeply into the concepts of transformer protection. During the program you will witness a unique combination of theory, relay application, settings troubleshooting, misoperation and practical testing demonstration of transformer protection relays. Through a series of presentations delivered by experts in the field and practical testing demonstrations, you will quickly get “up to speed.”  This special program is led by Ed Khan, Director of Protection R&D and Training at Doble
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Transformer Maintenance Program
Wednesday, February 12 – Friday, February 14, 2020
Designed for maintenance professionals who work hands-on with transformer maintenance. This specialized program lets you narrow your precious training time to field testing, maintenance and end of life commissioning, along with the one day Lab Seminar.
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Transformer Condition Assessment Using Laboratory Diagnostics
Friday, February 14th, 2020
Upgrade your 4-day Transformer Professional Program or Transformer Protection Program registration to include the Friday, day-long laboratory diagnostics seminar. This course is for substation engineers, plant engineers, chemists and equipment reliability specialists who review oil analysis data to assess transformer condition. Learn to identify and assess rapidly emerging transformer conditions with dissolved gas analysis, oil quality analysis and other diagnostic tools. This interactive seminar combines theoretical background with practical experience and hands-on examples, using case studies to illustrate common problems found in the field.

Over 2,500 attendees have learned from Doble’s industry leading laboratory seminars. Start identifying and assessing rapidly emerging transformer conditions TODAY.

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