The IEC 61850 Application and Testing (DP 100) course is designed to provide a basic overview of the IEC 61850 standard by testing IEDs that are IEC 61850 compliant.

The IEC 61850 standard is gaining popularity in US and Canada after having established a decent following in rest of the world. There are two basic components to IEC 61850 standard: station bus and process bus. The station bus refers to binary inputs and outputs that are placed on a local area network commonly referred to as the “station bus.” The process bus is the local area network that contains digitized samples obtained by converting the analog voltage and current signals from conventional CTs and VTs.

In addition to the course’s theoretical offerings, there is a practical demonstration of using IEDs and test sets to perform testing of protective features contain in IEC 61850 compliant IEDs.

Who Should Attend

This course is greatly beneficial to personnel with no familiarity with the standard as well as for those who wish to build upon a preliminary knowledge of this standard.

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Dates and Locations

Please contact Doble Events at if you are interested in scheduling this training.

Registration Fee

The cost to attend this course is $1200 USD per student. Minimum of 8 students are required for this course to be conducted.

Continuing Education

This course is eligible for 12 NETA Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs) and 1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).