Day 1

F6150 Hardware Features

  • Description of hardware
  • Hands-on use of the test set
  • Ratings
  • Communications

Doble testing Software – Protection Suite

  • Introduction of Protection Suite
  • File Structure of Protection Suite
  • Communicating with F6150 Test Set
  • Manual Testing using Control Panel
  • Importing relay settings into Protection Suite
  • Creating Test Plans to automated testing for various relays
  • State Simulation

Communication Assisted Protection

Basic concept of communication assisted protection
Description of different communication channels (Power line carrier, fiber, etc.)

  1. Blocking
  2. Unblocking
  3. POTT
  4. PUTT
  5. DTT
  6. Remote breaker Open
  7. Application criterion of each scheme
  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of major schemes
  9. Weak Infeed
  10. Sequential trip


Description, construction and uses of COMTRADE files

SS1 files

Description, construction and uses of SS1s


  • Replaying COMTRADE files and analyzing reports generated by target relays
  • Analyze sample event report and sequence of events
  • Set up end-to-end test
  • Run the tests and analyze the results using Doble software and COMTRADE files from the relays

Day 2


Run the tests using Doble State Simulation and SS1 files and analyze the results using Doble software and COMTRADE files from the relays

Line Current Differential – Basics of line current differential

  • Different methods used to perform line current differential relaying testing
  • Test various elements of line current differential relaying

Bus differential relaying

  • Basics of Bus differential relaying
  • High impedance and low impedance bus differential

Day 3


  • Test high impedance bus differential relaying

Out-of-Step Protection

  • What are power swings?
  • Stable and unstable swings
  • Various methods of detecting unstable swings
  • Blocking and tripping functions in relays related to out-of-step protection

Testing of Out-of-Step Function

  • Test Out-of-step blocking function
  • Test Out-of-step tripping function