This Application and Testing Electro-Mechanical and Microprocessor Relays Basics (DP 005) course covers the testing of simple overcurrent relays such as time overcurrent, under/overvoltage and over/under frequency electro-mechanical relays.

The course will start with basic level instruction on the construction and principles of electro-mechanical /microprocessor relays, including different components of the relay that need calibration and adjustments as part of testing. It includes a brief description of the relays’ operating principles followed by hands-on testing of the relays using Doble relay test sets.

Using a test plan, manual and automated testing of both microprocessor and electromechanical relays will be a part of the training.


Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for junior level technicians who test electro-mechanical/microprocessor relays. It is also valuable to technicians who wish to enhance their knowledge of testing simple relays/elements, as well as those who wish to learn how automated testing is performed to supplement the manual testing that they are practicing presently.

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Dates and Locations

This course is scheduled for the following dates at the Doble facilities in Morrisville, North Carolina.

  • February 18-20, 2020
  • June 16-18, 2020
  • August 18-20, 2020
  • November 17-19, 2020

Doble Engineering Company
2200 Gateway Center Blvd, Suite 207
Morrisville, NC 27560


This course is scheduled for the following dates at the Training Facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • December 10-12, 2019
  • February 11-13, 2020 
  • March 24-26, 2020
  • April 14-16, 2020
  • June 16-18,2020 
  • October 20-22, 2020
  • November 17-19, 2020

Training Facility
7780 E 106th Street
Tulsa, OK 74133

Registration Fee

The cost to attend this course is $1400 USD per student. Minimum of 8 students are required for this course to be conducted.

Continuing Education

This course is eligible for 24 NETA Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs) and 2.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).