Thank you for agreeing to present at the 2020 Protection Seminar. Attendees learn from the top performers in the industry about the most important aspects of the operation and maintenance of electrical apparatus because of YOUR contributions to this event. This page provides you with all the information you need to prepare your presentation and paper for the conference.

Here is a quick Presenter’s Check List for the 2020 Protection Seminar

Presenter Timeline & Requirements
Committee Secretary
Complete the Online Registration Form
Book Your Hotel Room and Travel
Contact Doble with Any Questions


April 29, 2020Draft of Presentation Due to Committee Secretary2019 PowerPoint Presentation Instructions
2019 PowerPoint Template
May 6, 2020Returned Signed Copyright Transfer Agreement2019 Copyright Agreement Email a signed copy to or fax to the attention of Events at +1 617 926 0528.
May 6, 2020Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Question DueWe offer attendees IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as a benefit of attending the Conference. Delegates are required to pass a quiz in order to earn the applicable CEUs. Email one multiple choice question about your topic that will be covered in your presentation to
May 13, 2020Paper and Biography Due to Committee Secretary2019 Paper Instructions Email your Committee Secretary or for the paper template
Email the paper and bio to or mail an electronic file on a memory stick to: Doble Engineering Company 123 Felton Street, MA 01752 Attn: Doble Events
May 21, 2020Final Presentation Due to Committee SecretaryEmail the presentation to or mail an electronic file on a memory stick to: Doble Engineering Company 123 Felton Street, MA 01752 Attn: Doble Events
June 1-4, 2020Attend the 2020 Protection Seminar

Please meet these deadlines! We need time to review the papers and PowerPoint presentations and post these to conference website. If you have any questions please contact the Committee Secretary or send an email to


Check in at the Presenters Desk Please check in the DAY BEFORE YOUR PRESENTATION at the Registration Desk at the Hyatt Regency Reston to make sure your presentation is on the master computer. IMPORTANT: Changes to your presentation during the conference week must be pre-approved by the Committee Secretary before you present.    


Doble Engineering Company shall own the copyright for papers and PowerPoint presentations given at the 2020 Protection Seminar. Doble will credit the author(s) in any publication of said materials. It is Doble’s intention to post a PDF file of your completed paper on the Doble website so that conference attendees can review the papers in advance of the event.

Please refer to the link for detailed information: 2019 Paper Instructions.

Your PowerPoint Presentation should be a summary of the highlights of your paper. Refer to this link for more detailed information on preparing your presentation. In short, do not read your paper; talk about it! Please consider the time you have to make your presentation and plan the number of slides you will use accordingly.

TIME FRAME Each presenter has 20 minutes to deliver their PowerPoint presentation at the conference. Following your presentation, an additional 10 minutes is allotted for Q&A and discussion from the audience. Please keep this time in mind when preparing your slides. We recommend a total of 10-30 slides to stay within the 20 minutes slot. Committee Secretaries are responsible for keeping this session running on time. If your presentation goes over the time limit, the Committee Secretary might have to cut off your presentation.

PUBLICATION AND PRESENTATION RESTRICTIONS Individuals who participate in the Doble Conference must observe the restrictions noted below in the course of preparing and presenting their papers and presentations. As an authors and presenter, please observe these restrictions in order to preserve the integrity of the Doble Conferences and their value to the industry.

Anti-Trust: No information regarding pricing of equipment or supplies, nor the overall cost of any contracts with manufacturers or suppliers, and any other privileged, proprietary or information that would be deemed confidential should be published in a paper or be part of a presentation or visual aids used in conjunction with any paper. The publication, discussion, and display of pricing of such information could be judged to be in violation of United States federal anti-trust laws and must therefore be avoided.

Commercialism: It is the intent of Doble, and for the events it sponsors, to present strictly technical content for the benefit of the attendees. Papers and presentations that include, or refer to information on products and services that might be deemed overtly commercial in nature will not be allowed access to this forum. Promotional material may not be included in either your paper or PPT presentation, and avoid the depiction of addresses and telephone/fax numbers in the papers, and in particular, visuals used during the presentation of the papers.

Defamation: Defamatory statements that might be deemed injurious to the reputation of an individual, to an organization, and to the product and services of an organization MUST NOT appear in published papers or discussions, or be made during discussions taking place at the conference, whether by presenters or other conference participants.


Protection, Automation, Controls and Communications (PACC) Committee
Secretary Mario Perez, Doble Engineering Company,
Asst. Secretary Jose Ruiz, Doble Engineering Company,
Asst. Secretary Katherine George, Doble Engineering Company,
Asst. Secretary Marcos Velazquez Lechuga, Doble Engineering Company,

If you have any questions regarding your presentation for the 2020 Protection Seminar contact the Committee Secretary or Doble Events at